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Research Paper Layout

The research paper layout is a set format and will only vary slightly depending on the citation style used. You will use set margins for your research paper layout. The top, bottom, left and write margins should all be one inch. If you re using page numbers then these should appear ? inch from the top in the right had corner. You may not need to include a title page in your research paper layout. A title page normally is not included unless requested in your assignment. If you do include a title page in the research paper layout then you should follow guidelines for your chosen citation style. If you are not using a title page then your name, teachers name, course and date will appear in the upper left hand corner. This page is page one if you are using page numbers in your research paper layout. Many times you will not begin to use page numbers until page two but this will depend on your professor. After your information in the left hand corner you should double space your paragraphs and center the title.

You will use double spacing in your research paper layout. Most papers will need to be typed and not handwritten. Professors do not accept hand written papers any more and all students should have access to a computer.  You should leave one space between words and after punctuation. You can leave either one or two spaces after the end of a sentence but should check with the assignment or your professor about the requirements for this in the research paper layout. You should additionally indent the start of a new paragraph or you may not depend on the assignment. If you use indentation or not just make sure you are consistent throughout the research paper layout. You paper should be left justified and you should only use hyphens when needed, you should never use right justification as this will leave large gaps between words. The research paper layout should contain and introduction, methods or procedure section, results, discussion, conclusion, references and appendices.

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