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High School Research Paper

Most high schools will read a work of Homer in their curriculum. The most popular of Homer’s work is the Odyssey. A high school research paper on the Odyssey can focus on many different topics that are in the Odyssey. A main theme in the Odyssey is the move from chaos to order and many examples can be used in your high school research paper. You can discuss how Odysseus’ strengths and weakness lead him into chaos or order. Can trace a path throughout the story? The high school research paper can focus on the chaos surrounding Odysseus’s wife Penelope and how she reacts to chaos. Does she influence order? How does her journey compare to Odysseus’s?

You may also discuss how mythological tales are incorporated in the Odyssey in your high school research paper. Circe’s, Neptune and other fantastical creatures appear throughout the story, do you believe this to be real or a way to explain some fantastic events. How does the story compare to others from that time period, are the hero’s and villains portrayed characteristically, are there any differences? Your high school research paper can also investigate the portral of women. Some women are passive and others are dominant; is this typical of that time period how are these portrayals modern?

Your high school research paper may wish to focus on an individual event or a series of events. You might discuss the actions of the suitors and how effect Penelope is in dealing with them. You may decide to strictly focus on Odysseus’s journey and what his ultimate downfall was in your high school research paper.  Can you compare the story of the Odyssey to any other texts you have been reading? You might be interested in other literature figures that were influenced by the character of Odysseus and discuss this in your high school research paper. Finally you may want to look at the structure of the Odyssey and prose. How well does prose tells the story and was the book easier to read in a translation? There is so much in the Odyssey that you can choose from many different topics.

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